#67: Hue – Abandoned Water Park

We stayed in Hue for a night after completing the Hai Van Pass. Hue is pretty cool and the “walking streets” at night are full of live street music, bars, food, etc. During the afternoon we took a short day trip to an abandoned water park that’s recently become more popular to visit and walk through. Its got a strange yet cool vibe to it and kind’ve felt like we were in a Walking Dead scenario lol.

On another note, my motorcycle died on me today and we were really lucky that it broke down before we got deep into our ride. Luckily some of the locals from our hotel helped us out; we were able to sell off our bikes and get a taxi back to Dong Ha, then hopped on a bus to finally arrive in Phong Nha. We’re going to travel through the rest of Vietnam by bus but after what we went through today…I’m not complaining.

-Stephen <- Link to Profile


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