#47: Kandy & Sigiriya

I left Ella and took the famous train up to Kandy, which is well known for its long and scenic route through the mountains, local towns, tea plantations, rice fields, etc. The hype is definitely real and its one of those experiences where pictures/videos don’t do it any justice.

After a day of sight seeing in Kandy I went further up north to Dambulla to see Sigiriya; the “Eighth Wonder of the World” also commonly known as “Lion Rock.”  I climbed Pidurangala Rock to get a sweet view of Sigiriya and stayed up there for a few hours to soak in the view. Its been a good week of sightseeing through Sri Lanka and I have to come back some day because there’s still so much to see! Now I’m back in Colombo preparing for my flight to Thailand, as I’m gearing up to spend the summer in my homeland Vietnam!

I’ll check back in again soon, cheers!

-Stephen <- Link to Profile


IMG_2097Train 1Train 8Train 7IMG_2101IMG_2099IMG_2100IMG_2107IMG_2102IMG_2106IMG_2119IMG_2127IMG_2125IMG_2126


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