#40: Pokhara I

Namaste! I’ve been kicking it in Pokhara after I left Meghauli and will be spending the next few weeks here. Pokhara is well known for Phewa Lake and its close proximity to the Annapurna range. I was actually contemplating on trekking through the Annapurna circuit shortly after I finished going around Mount Everest, but I was beat as hell so I’ll have to come back some day.

Super chill to relax anywhere here in Pokhara especially if you’re lakeside. Grab a coffee or tea and post up in a cafe, rent a boat and chill on the lake, or go for a short day hike up to one of the surrounding villages. Unfortunately the weather here in February is known to get pretty foggy within the valley so I haven’t been able to see the reflection of Annapurna on Phewa Lake, but its still damn nice here.

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