#39: Meghauli – Organic Farm

I decided to do a volunteer exchange program at an organic farm in Meghauli – a small village that sits next to Chitwan National Park – and worked alongside eight other volunteers for a Nepali family. The farm work was pretty basic but we also contributed to other small projects in the community (painting, recycling, etc). It was cool to briefly live that “farm life”; everything we ate was freshly picked (rice, vegetables, fruit, etc) and I consumed copious amounts of lemongrass and masala tea all day long.

The volunteer group was pretty diverse and it was fun to exchange conversations over bonfires and beers. Since we were right inside of Chitwan National Park we also went on a safari which lead us to rhinos, tiger footprints and scratch marks, crocodiles, and a variety of birds. Wish I had a better camera so I could’ve gotten decent shots of all the wildlife but oh well. Great experience and a good time overall the past couple weeks, except having to listen to vegans get all passionate about their diet. Live a little yall, lol.

-Stephen <- Link to Profile

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