#38: Possible Nepal

Had some time the past few weeks to volunteer for a nonprofit here in Kathmandu under the name of Possible Nepal. The organization provides shelter to orphans and abandoned children and currently takes care of ten kids that are between the ages of nine and thirteen. Its been a cool and humbling experience spending time with them learning about what they’ve been through, getting a feel for Nepali culture on a daily basis, and teaching English courses at the local school they attend (I taught grades 5 and 6).

Whether it was a birthday celebration, throwing them a Christmas party, or simply hanging out and watching movies at the orphanage the holiday season in 2017 will easily be remembered for a few different reasons (especially the creepy mask that our “Santa Claus” wore on Christmas). Here’s a bunch of shots from both the orphanage and the school; I can’t take credit for all the pics as some were provided by the other volunteers.

Hope you guys kicked off the new year the right way. I’ll be staying in Nepal until the end of February, catch yall later!

-Stephen <- Link to Profile

FullSizeRender 4IMG_1760IMG_1761IMG_1777IMG_1778IMG_1767IMG_1763Anupa Bday 1Anupa Bday 4Anupa Bday 5IMG_1769IMG_1785IMG_1786IMG_1797IMG_1809IMG_5074IMG_5085IMG_5088IMG_1815IMG_1812IMG_5048IMG_5051IMG_1791FullSizeRenderIMG_5043IMG_5042IMG_5261IMG_5255IMG_5281Kirti Dinish Manita Bday 1Kirti Dinesh Manita Bday 2IMG_5298IMG_5293IMG_5288DCIM101GOPROG0018639.JPGDCIM101GOPROG0018641.JPG

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