#37: Trekking in the Himalayas

Namaste! I’m back in Kathmandu from my trek in the Himalayas and pumped about the whole experience. Overall I spent fourteen nights out there, trekking from Lukla to the summit of KP (Kala Patthar). I decided to go to KP instead of EBC (Everest Basecamp); all the locals at the teahouses I stayed in told me there’s no view of Everest from basecamp and KP is higher than EBC anyway. It’s also low season, so there would’ve been nearly nobody setting up camp and preparing for a climb to the summit of Everest; it would’ve been cool to speak with some of them for sure though.

The entire trip has to go down as the most mentally and physically challenging thing that I’ve done. It was difficult acclimating to the altitude and getting sleep after the third night. It was also pretty tough being vegetarian the entire trip, as its not recommended to order meat at the teahouses. Meat has to be carried up by porters and you might get an old portion thats been sitting for a while. I was lucky to only deal with headaches and slight dehydration. Others that I met were dealing with food poisoning and heavy altitude sickness which resulted in vomiting, dry coughing, bloody noses, dizziness, etc.

The views of not only Everest but the other Himalayan giants such as Ama Dablam and Nuptse made up for all the headaches though!! I don’t know if I’ll ever go on another trek that will surpass the altitude of 5,500 meters up at KP, but I sure hope its not anytime soon because I need a damn break lol.

Last note; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my family and friends out there!

-Stephen <- Link to Profile

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