#25: Farewell Taiwan

The past few months in Taiwan have flown by. Feeling thankful for the opportunity to have seen so much of this country. I’ve been back in Hualien visiting some old friends and was lucky to be here during the Moon Festival on Oct 4th; locals usually celebrate by having an outdoor barbecue with family and friends.

October is supposed to bring the most rainfall in Hualien but we got super lucky with the weather one day and a small group of us did the river trace to Golden Grotto! Stoked I was able to knock that off the list before I left, along with a few other day trips to local rivers. Overall the past couple of weeks have been spent with great company and I’ve had a great sendoff. Special shoutout to Shawn, Una, Joe, Aga, Hugo, Nicole, and all the other amazing locals who’ve treated me like family during my time in Taiwan.

I’m heading to the Philippines next week and going to start backpacking through more of SE Asia. Wish me luck dudes!

Got loads of pics in this post, hope you all enjoy.

-Stephen <- Link to Profile



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