#22: Thank you, Hualien

First off I just want to mention that I can’t take any credit for the pics in this post. Special shoutout to Aga and other friends that shared these sweet shots with me!

I’m capping off an enjoyable month in Hualien and couldn’t have asked for anything more from the locals that showed me around and the new friends I’ve made here. Definitely hoping I can come back for a few days before I leave Taiwan in general. Next up I’m heading to the west side in Taichung to help out a backpacker house with a small photography/video project! I’m actually hitchhiking my way there, and already had some success today by hitchhiking from Hualien to Dulan. Super cool experience and Taiwan is one of the safest countries to do it so give it a shot if you’re here some day!

  • Hualien City
  • Liyu Lake
  • Local village and organic farm experience
  • Group dinner hosted by World Inn and prepared by our friend Hank! So good!!!

-Stephen <- Link to Profile


3 thoughts on “#22: Thank you, Hualien

  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing😎 Thrilled that you are having such a fantastic experience abroad! Be free in spirit and safe in explorations.

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