#21: Hualien: River Tracing!

Yo, the other day I went river tracing for the first time with a local friend of mine – Joe – and it was dope!!! The best part about Hualien is that you can open up Google Maps and literally pick out any river you see around the city that has pics/reviews from other locals and go for a swim. In our case we chose an absolute gem; we stumbled upon several groups going on official river tracing tours and we pretty much followed their lead. We didn’t have any gear on us but we didn’t need any in the end.

Thanks again Joe for driving us to the starting point of the river, which was somewhere around Liyu Lake and Mukumugi Valley. The water within all of the mountains here in Hualien is super clean, so any river you choose here is fair game. River tracing is continuously becoming a more popular outdoor activity in Taiwan. You’ll find yourself walking up streams, climbing over or under huge rocks, swimming through small natural pools, and finding areas to jump into the water between a gorge. I think I found a new hobby dudes, so much fun.

-Stephen <- Link to Profile


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