#16: Lotte World Tower

Earlier this year Seoul celebrated the opening of Lotte World Tower, which is now the tallest building here and the world’s fifth tallest skyscraper. The building’s filled with hotel rooms, shopping malls, a movie theater, an aquarium, etc.  I stopped by the tower the other day with my friends Alasdaire, Sheng, and Mridushman (some of the coolest dudes from Australia that I’ve ever met) and it was pretty dope. Pictures are at the bottom along with other shots during my time here so far.  Shoutout to all the other awesome people I’ve kicked it with in Seoul.

On another note I’ve recently been putting in more effort to find any type of freelance work I can get, instead of looking to teach English somewhere long-term. I do believe that one of my goals in the future is to work independently and potentially live the life of a digital nomad. It’s super tough to build a solid client base but despite the struggles, I’ll probably read back on this some day and have a laugh. I’m enjoying the Korean culture for now (especially the food) and welcoming the challenge.

PS See you boys in Sydney soon!!!

-Stephen <- Link to Profile


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