#13: Sandan-kyo Gorge!

If it hasn’t been obvious yet based on my previous posts, I really enjoy going on hikes. Sandan-kyo Gorge is one of the most beautiful ravines in Japan and this place was my favorite so far!  Yuri and Ura (who was kind enough to drive us for nearly two hours each way, thank you!!) joined me on this day trip; we explored the rapids, deep pools, waterfalls, and large rock walls but unfortunately the ferry boats weren’t in service yet to take us in between some of the gorges.

The scenery was still amazing and we only covered maybe a third of the entire national park!  You definitely need at least two full days here if you want a chance to see everything. I guess we’ll have to come back some day.  Tons of pictures below, enjoy!

-Stephen <-Link to Profile


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