#8: Saijo – Sake Town!!!

If you’re a fan of Japanese sake, visiting Saijo is an absolute must while in Hiroshima.  The Sakagura-dori street has seven sake breweries where you can go in and catch free samples of some of the finest sake in Japan.  Saijo is more of a quiet traditional Japanese town but I really enjoyed taking a day trip here.  You won’t be able to find these bottles of sake anywhere else in Japan or the rest of the world; the bottles are hand made and stay local in Saijo.

There’s natural water wells all over town which you can drink from and the fresh water plays a huge part in the brewing process of their sake.  In some of the breweries there are english guides that go into full detail of the brewing process and I thought it was super interesting. Maybe when I go back to the states I’ll try to brew some of my own sake, HAH (sike)!

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