#5: Osaka -> Miyajima

I’ve decided to temporarily leave Osaka and spend some time in Hiroshima.  I’ll be staying at a backpacker house for the next month across from Miyajima island. I’ll post some pictures of the backpacker house and the island in the next post.

Before I left Osaka I went on a couple of hikes with my friend Arj to explore Minoh Falls and Mount Yoshinoyama.  Both were awesome spots to check out, and although the cherry blossoms weren’t out yet the hike on Mount Yoshinoyama was really cool (and creepy) since nobody else was there.  Big shoutout to Arj by the way; he helped me get settled in when I first arrived in Osaka, take care my friend and until next time!

I also need to briefly thank Mayumi (owner of the backpacker house in Osaka); thanks for bringing me in during my first month in Japan and for helping me make a connection for a potential English teaching position!

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