#3: Osaka II

Hey everyone!  So I’ve met people that have been studying or working in Japan the past several months and they’ve been showing me the ropes around Osaka. From touristy attractions to cheap grocery stores its a HUGE bonus having friends that know the ins and outs of this city. I’ve also met others that are simply traveling and some of them have more knowledge of teaching English in Japan and other Asian countries. I’m looking forward to hearing more feedback about various programs and I’m keeping my options open.

The other day I had a chance to explore some of Osaka’s most well known landmarks. Here are some quick notes on the buildings I visited, hope you like the pictures!

  1. Tsūtenkaku is an old tower in the Shinsekai district that has a lot of history behind it. 10 minute walk from my apartment and it looks awesome at night.
  2. You can’t visit Osaka and not go to the castle.  The park that surrounds the main tower is a great place to relax; it probably looks way better in the spring when the cherry blossoms are out but oh well.
  3. Abeno Harukas was my favorite hands down.  The building just opened in 2014 and you can hang out on three different observatory floors from the 58th to the 60th.  It costs $15 to get in and an extra $5 to go up to the rooftop where the helipad sits. WHY NOT?!

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